Azul’s Taco House

I Love Tacos. That’s why I am so blessed as to have Azul’s Taco House less than a mile from my home in West Salem. Azul’s menu is massive, with at least 22 taco options… and that doesn’t include the daily specials.

these lil babies are loaded with coconut shrimp, cabbage and pineapple garnish

Street Tacos are $2.75 each, Craft Tacos cost an 75 cents more. My favorite deal is a Trio of Tacos, including a side of rice and beans, for just $12. And, if you happen to be some kind of monster that doesn’t like tacos, Azul’s also offers bowls and burritos (but I can’t vouch for those yet, as I am still working my way through the taco offerings).

You can also select from numerous beer options to accompany your meal, plus there are two outdoor areas for open air dining when the sun is shining.

if you just can’t get enough tacos, order a platter!