Spotted: Skate-n-Fun

Skate or die! “I feeeeeeel like this is a roller skate themed vampire bar… ”

I have to preface this post by stating, sometimes I have a weird job. Like a really voyeuristic job. I guess it compliments my warped sense of humor. See, a portion of what I do for work involves being a virtual assistant (which is great because I can do it from the comfort of my home in my PJs) and another part of what I do involves researching locations that will receive heavy freight deliveries. Many of these semi-trucks will be routed to very small towns, or, as occurred recently, a nudist colony. Anyway, I’ve gotten a little off track, much like my colleagues and I did on nudist colony discovery day, as we contemplated the safety risks for people performing automotive repairs sans protect clothing.

This brings us to what I believe will become one of my favorite topics, Things I Spotted on Google Maps. In the town of Pendleton, Oregon (that’s correct, the home of the famous Woolen Mills and the Roundup) there appeared to me, like a haunted vision from my days of roaming ghost towns in the desert, a peeling sign reading “Skate-n-Fun.”

This wasn’t the business I was looking for, but this amazing sign hovered in the background. I had no choice but to share this gem with my colleague, a sassy chick like myself who apparently was channeling exactly the same Tarantino-esque scene playing out in my head as she quickly replied, “I feeeeeeel like this is a roller skate themed vampire bar… ”

Based on Google info it’s a little difficult to tell if the business known as Skate City is still in operation (I think they are…) but it’s also only a four hour drive to Pendleton to find out in person. I’m pretty certain there won’t be any roller skate-wearing vampire strippers, but one can dream.